EXCLUSIVE SSA 9-Week Happy Healthy Wealthy Challenge, Launching May 4th!!

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SSA is on a mission to inspire a movement towards healthy and intentional living! We got tremendous feedback from our team and clients who participated in this 9-week challenge last year, so we decided to bring it back! SSA is excited to announce we will be launching an EXCLUSIVE SSA 9-week Happy Healthy Wealthy Challenge. We are committed to making an impact and bringing you value to our community so you can step into their fullest potential, personally and professionally.

This challenge is a way for you to STAND OUT from your competitors when attracting solid team members, create a deeper connection with your employees, and provide support and growth opportunities in more creative ways.

On Wednesday, May 4th we will embark on this 9-week Happy Healthy Wealthy Challenge. We’ll be learning about how to play to win, set celebration worthy goals, set ourselves up for inner mastery, get clear on our values, understand the power of right focus, get clarity around how our environments affect our behaviors and so much more.

We were amazed by the transformation from our staff and clients. Every week they were showing up and showing out and the effort they put into this challenge led to great results. We wanted to share with you some highlights from last year’s Happy Healthy Wealthy Challenge.


A message from President of SSA Insurance Services, Stephanie San Antonio:


“It was rewarding and fulfilling to see my staff and clients bring their energy and commitment to this challenge! In week 1, we identified and committed to achieving 3 goals by the end of our 9-weeks: one Happy goal, one Healthy goal, and one Wealthy goal. I have a short video I took at the end of our 9-week challenge. Check it out below and think of one thing that you can do RIGHT NOW that will make you happier today and GO DO IT! I look forward to seeing our SSA Community come together and join this challenge with me!”


We are excited to share this wellness initiative with you and positively impact your business through transforming your team. If you are ready to become an IMPACT LEADER, win at LIFE, and STAND OUT from your competitors click here and join us in this challenge!


If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our Operations Associate, Alina will be your main point of contact. Please find her information below.


Alina Tunstall

D: 760-203-4298



→ To register today, click here!




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