Our team has always put health first. We’ve taken that passion further and made it our mission to inspire and empower others. Helping organizations promote and protect their most important asset: their employees, is our expertise!

Here are some of the ways we support you and your team.

  • Automatic reminders when your new hire is eligible for benefits aftertheir waiting period
  • Assistance with each new hire’s benefits enrollment from start tofinish
  • Customized Online Enrollment Portal build out for your groupbenefits
  • Payroll Deduction Calculations broken down for each employee.
  • Assistance with any servicing issues including billing issues andclaims throughout the year.
  • Customized Wellness Program design and implementation to keepyour employees healthy, happy, and engaged!
  • Each renewal, we earn your business again by shopping and quotingall carriers in the market to determine the best carrier/plans eachyear.
  • Collaborative Employer Workshops to support you and yourmanagement/HR team!