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Your Transition to Medicare

Whether you are turning 65 soon, are Medicare-eligible due to a disability, or retiring and need to transition off an employer sponsored plan, we can help you understand what your healthcare options are and how the system works. Original Medicare consists of Part A (hospital insurance) and B (medical insurance), however these alone will not cover all your medical expenses.

There are several options when it comes to supplemental coverage and we can walk you through the different plans available.  Once we’ve identified which type of supplemental coverage is most appropriate for you and which carrier to apply with, we’ll then give you specific instructions on how to submit your applications and how much each part will cost.

Explore Coverage Options

With all the mailers and TV commercials, it’s hard to weed through all the plans to determine which one is the appropriate fit for you.  Whether you are new to Medicare or are not sure what supplemental coverage is right for you, we’re here to make your transition to Medicare as easy as possible.


Medicare Assistance


Medicare can be confusing but we’re here to help make learning about your health care options as easy as possible! We’ll help you make sense of your choices and identify the right plan for you and how much it will cost.


We’ll collect your information from you and help you enroll online for your supplemental coverage! When the policies are approved we’ll get your ID number ahead of time!


You can rely on us for any assistance relating to your Medicare supplement coverage including billing or claims issues, or to obtain a replacement ID card. We’re always here to help!


As a courtesy to our Medicare clients we will also help you find and enroll onto the most appropriate Prescription Drug Plan (Part D) based on your prescription usage.